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An Autonomous organisation to popularise Science and Technology in Karnataka

Science films

Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat has produced six science films on different topics. Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat units, science centres, schools, colleges, theatres, Doordarshan have been exhibiting these science films. Vijnana Parishat also focusses on audio-visual aids as a means of science communication.

The topics of these films are:

1. Skakti (Energy) :

Man's sources of energy are highlighted. The importance of solar energy to man and life in general is emphasised. Solar energy applications are shown in detail. Classification of energy into potential and kinetic are explained with examples. Inter convertibility of energy is indicated. Problems of energy crisis and the need to conserve energy are brought home to the spectators. New type of chula with greater efficiency and the importance of biogas are some of the features in the film.

2. Parisara (Environment)

With the beautiful western ghats scenario, the delicate ecological balance of nature is the main theme of the film. Role of wild animals, reptiles and birds in maintaining the ecological balance is well brought out. How man's efforts to exploit nature are upsetting the ecological balance is explained. Food chain, problem of the gowlis, rooting out villages for establishing large factories - these are some of the problems posed. Exploitation of iron ore from Kudremukh and the consequent effort on the environment is pictured.

3. Neenarigadeyo Ele Manava (Pollution)

Man's greed has been responsible for destruction of forest wealth, pollution of water sources and levelling hills. Lack of awareness of health problems has sometimes resulted in polluting water sources. Industrial and domestic pollution are highlighted. The efforgts of Pollution Control Board to minimise the pollution of river waters etc., has been described in detail. The role of the common man to support and supplement these efforts is emphasised. Efforts at social forestry and school forest programmes are given their due place.

4. Manjumusukida Hadiyalli (Shadows of Dawn)

This film is an introduction to scientific attitude, its development from early times. The film includes efforts of Galileo, Kepler, Darwin and others in this field. Special emphasis is on removal of superstition and substitution of a scientific attitude.

5. Modalahejje (Health)

This film deals with the various facts of rural health and the problems encountered by the rural women folk and the possible precautionary measures and remedies that need to be adopted for healthy living. The messages and information are woven into a story format to make it acceptable to rural audience, General Cleanliness, prevention of water borne diseases, importance of scientific medication, futility of untested home remedies and superstition. Oral rehydration therapy, nursing mothers diet and the importance of cholestrum are some of the points touched upon.

6. Mara Mattu Parisara (Tree and Environment)

With a backdrop of beautiful green scenario, the delicate ecological balance of nature is depicted as the main theme of the film. The film deals with the basic functions of the tree and life supporting activities of tree in nature. Role of trees in protection of wild animals, birds and other insects etc., is brought out clearly. Lack of awareness of the importance of trees has sometimes resulted in upsetting the ecological balance. A vivid presentation of the disastrous consequences of indiscriminate deforestation is also highlighted. Finally it shows how the greed of man has been responsible for depletion of forest. The film also caters to the pedagogic purposes of school / college students who learn from the film the whole process of germination flowering, photosynthesis, etc.

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