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An Autonomous organisation to popularise Science and Technology in Karnataka
  1. Publication of "Balavijnana" : Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat publishes a Kannada monthly magazine pertaining to science featuring school curriculum based regular columns i.e., question & answer column, evaluation of science tests, puzzles on Physics, chemistry, Mathematics & Biology. Popular science articles in all areas of science first issue was published in 1977. The magazine reaches 20,000/- schools throughout the state.

  2. State level Sheshachalam science essay competition : The programme is meant for the high school students wherein a particular topic is identified and prize for the best essay is awarded annually.

  3. All Karnataka Science Writers training workshop. Annually the workshop is being held for the upcoming science writers. The workshop intends to train them in different aspects of science writing in Kannada.

  4. Samprathi : This state level workshop is being held for the Master Resource persons (school teachers) pertaining to science subjects. It is based on curriculum demonstration & distribution of Science kits (Example : Food adulteration kits) are distributed.

  5. Publication of books : Based on the requirement of books in various areas of science, about 100 titles have been identified and they are being published under "Suvarna Karnatakakke Vijnana Bagina", 20 such books have already been published. 25 different books on science are being reprinted.

  6. Inter University science lecture competition in kannada: The competition is being held at the district level and finally at the state level. Students from all 8 universities of Karnataka participate. Prizes are awarded in 2 categories. Physics & Biology prizes (memorial shield) are awarded in the name of Dr. H. Narasimhaiah (for physics) & Dr. S.J. Nagalotimath (for biology).

  7. All Karnataka State Science Convention : The event was convened during June-July 2007at Bidar, under the theme "Science education and value reform".

  8. Banamathi programme : The programme is being held in 5 districts of Hyderabad - Karnataka region, wherein awareness was created about the evil practices Miracle exposure activities training to the master resource persons is being given under the leadership of Dr. Narendra Naik.

  9. Publication of Science calendar : The publication of the science calendar is being broughtout by KRVP annually featuring the scientific events, days of scientific importance and scientists.

  10. State level Yamunabai Award : The award is being presented to the participants who have been selected for his / her article published in the monthly science magazine "Balavijnana".

II. Activities Funded by Deptartment of Science & Technology,
Government of Karnataka

  1. Yuvavijnani" or Young Scientist award : Based on the achievements of the students in the age group of 10-17 years from all 28 districts of the state. Three prizes are awarded The programme being funded by Govt. of Karnataka.

  2. All Karnataka Children Science congress : State level Children Science Congress is held wherein children from all the 27 districts and 5 educational districts participate. The children present "Project proposal" based on his / her innovative scientific thinking. These children represent Karnataka state for the National children science congress.

  3. National Science Day : The National Science Day is celebrated annually on the 28th February every year to commemorate the "Announcing of the research work done by Nobel laureate Sir C.V. Raman". On this occasion, Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat carries out a series of activities in all the 27 districts of the state.

  4. All Karnataka popular science writer's convention : The convention is conducted annually. Around 50-60 Science Writers upcoming science writers participate. The convention is held under "All Karnataka popular science writer's forum".

  5. In the previous years the conventions were held in Tumkur and Raichur. On this occasion, the following prominent writers who have worked for communicating Science & Technology to the public were felicitated.

    (a) Prof. J.R. Lakshmana Rao
    (b) Dr. Rajashekara Bhoosanurmath
    (c) Prof. Adyanadka Krishna Bhat
    (d) Dr. H.S. Niranjana Aradhya
    (e) Prof. M.R. Nagaraju
    (f) Dr. P.S. Shankar
    (g) Dr. D.R. Baluragi

  6. Funding for district science centres : KRVP is funding the district science centres for al their scientific activities.

  7. Distribution of science kits : Science kits / Lab materials worth about Rs.50,000/- are distributed to selected schools (High schools of the State). The science materials include apparatus / instruments for conducting practical classes in the subjects of to physics, chemistry & biology.

  8. Women and Science Project : A project with an effort to bring women scientist, educationist and science activist on a single platform for the betterment of Society. The project also encourages the young women to share their intellectual capabilities with others along with scientific understanding as well as guiding them to achieve carrier goals in the field of Science.

  9. Science Exhibition for Graduate Students : B.Sc Students from science colleges all over the state are motivated through this project to bring out their creative talent by designing and presenting innovative modules based on scientific themes in the competitive exhibition. Cash prizes and citation are awarded to the best among others.

  10. Eradication of Blind Beliefs and Social Evils : KRVP has been a leader among the others in the field of eradicating blind beliefs and social evils like Bhanamathi, Devadasi System, Exploitation of Innocent people in the name of godly miracles, etc. Regular workshops and demonstrations based on miracle exposure and similar activities along with lecture presentations are conducted. These are targeted to promote scientific approach in day to day affairs. 

  11. Inter-University Kannada Lecture Competition : Graduate Students from Physical sciences and Biological sciences select a theme and present it in the form of a lecture in Kannada. It is an opportunity to showcase hidden talent of students to express effectively what they have learnt. Best presentations are selected for prizes and awards.

  12. Vision Group on Science & Technology
    (Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka)

    Karnataka Vijnana Vidya Jagruthi

    Vision Group on Science & Technology in association with DSERT and Department of Pre-University Education has launched a programme entitled "Karnataka Vijnana Vidya Jagruthi : Student - Scientist Interaction Programme" under the guidance of Prof. C. N. R. Rao, FRS, Chairman, Vision Group Science & Technology (VGST).

    Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat (KRVP) has been identified as the coordinating agency. The following are the objectives of the programme.

    • To create awareness among students & teachers about the careers & opportunities in basic sciences.

    • To organize student - scientist interaction programme.

    • To expose and keep them informed about the latest developments taking place in the field of Science & Technology.

    • To popularize Science & Scientific methods among students and teachers.

    • To promote and encourage basic sciences.

    This programme is being organized in all the 33 districts of Karnataka State.

    About 350 - 400 students and teachers are selected from various schools / colleges in each district.

    • Four scientists from various disciplines will deliver lectures. Each lecture will be followed by interaction.

    • Duration of the programme will be 2 days.

    • Presentations and lectures will be followed by discussions & interactions.

    • Presentations may consist of Talks, Multimedia presentations / Power point presentations, demonstrations and other participative programmes.

    • The question & answer / interaction sessions will be documented & efforts to publish them in a consolidated and edited form will be made later.

    • Film Shows / Slide shows / Field visits / Nature trails / Sky watching / Bird watching / any other useful and innovative activity as suggested by the scientists or other resource persons will be incorporated the extent possible.

    • At the end of the programme in all the districts, a state level programme on a large scale is being envisaged. About 500 students from all over the state & scientists from various research and academic organizations will be invited to JNCASR for a five-day-interactive programme.

    • OOD facility will be given to participating teachers & resource persons.


III. Activities Funded by Karnataka Science and Technology Academy.

  1. State level Science Quiz competition : With the financial support of Karnataka Science and Technology Academy and in coordination with DSERT. Bangalore, Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat organises state level science quiz competition which is held in 3 levels namely : Block level, district level and state level. The competition is organised for both rural & urban students of the state separately & 3 prizes distributed for both categories.

  2. State level science exhibition competition for degree students : With financial support of KSTA & coordination with collegiate education ,KRVP holds state level science exhibition / competition for degree students. State level science exhibition is held for all 6 college education departments.

IV. Activities Funded by Department of Science & Technology,
National Council for Science & Technology.

  1. "Miracle Exposure : A Training for the master resource persons : This is an awareness campaign held in 5 districts of Hyderabad - Karnataka region of the state under which the M.R.P's would be trained on the exposure of the miracles which are performed by the witchcrafts.

  2. "Workshop to assess the needy popular science books in Kannada" : The workshop was an attempt to draw the attention of scientific writers on the needy area of the science books. 100 books are being brought out under "Suvarna Karnatakakke Vijnana Bagina"

  3. "Workshop on understanding planet earth" :

(a) National Brainstorming workshop on "Solid Management", a workshop wherein top soil scientists of the country participate.

(b) South Zone master resource persons workshop on "Understanding Planet Earth" : On the occasion of the International Year of Planet Earth, the workshop was held for the M.R.P.'s of Southern States, Union territories, state councils of different states & Radio communicators participated in this programmes.

(c) A unique radio programme by named "Bhoomi nanna bhoomi" being broadcast on AIR.
(d) On the occasion of "International Year of Planet Earth", programmes (including Eco-run & lectures) were held in 8 different districts of the state. (e) Also proposal on the series of the activities that would be taken up by KRVP have been submitted to NCSTC which includes 3 clusters comprising of

  1. (i) Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat (ii) Tumkur Science Centre(iii) Raichur Science Centre.

  2.  National Children's Science Congress : National Children's Congress : NCSC provides the children of age group 10-17, from all over the country. A unique opportunity to discover and recognise their scientific temperament & use their knowledge to make their dreams come true. Annual science congress being held where a through scrutiny at districts and state levels about 500 children in this science congress. The congress will provide a forum to the children to pursue their natural curiosity and to quench their thirst of creativity and also helps to stimulate scientific temperament and learn the scientific methodology for observation, collection of data, experiment, analysis and then arriving at conclusion.

    Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat is the nodal agency to conduct NCSC in Karnataka.

  3. Science Express : In coordination with Germany's Mak's Planck Society and NCSTC, a unique mobile science exhibition (featuring different areas of science) was held at Contonment Railway station, KRVP organised different scientific activities and also funds are being released to Pilikula Science Centre for the scientific activities to be carried out.

V. Activities funded by Ministry of Environment and Forest.

  1. National Environment Awareness Campaign : National environment Awareness Campaign is a major attempt in creating environment awareness among general community. Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat is the regional resource agency to organise and implement NEAC in Karnataka. NGO's Educational Institutions, Govt. Agencies and Research establishments will be provided with a nominal financial support to carryout specific environment awareness programmes in their locality. The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India is supporting and sponsoring this campaign in India.




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